Q&A with Nazar Rubashnyy, Project Manager of Prospectors

Prospectors introduces economic incentivisation to game-play efforts by introducing an in-game currency Prospectors Gold aka PGL , a cryptocurrency that finds its value beyond game world.

How did the concept behind Prospectors came to your mind? I.e. the idea of putting an MMORPG into blockchain-based environment.

Nazar : This idea appeared like something obvious, simple and big at the same time like many other great ideas. The creator of Prospectors Nazar Chervinskyy has been spending a lot of time playing games. MMOs was his biggest passion at this time. Nazar loved to play Travian, big multiplayer online strategy game. He has been spending all nights in it, collaborating with other players, looking for the best strategy to win.
Then, a few years after, blockchain technology and bitcoin have become more and more widespread. Nazar and his friend Andrew were among bitcoin pioneers and were studying blockchain technology from the beginning. It becomes the next Nazar’s passion.
Till then Nazar had good experience in game design, from his point of view mining bitcoin and mining of gold was alike. He was talking with his friend Andrew about this, and then the idea of Prospectors came to them. They were dreaming about the possibility to make Gold Rush Epoch alive again, to give everyone on the Earth a chance to have a filling of great excitement, when you find your first gold ingot, and this gold is real money, you can spend in real life. And we are almost there!

It’s really fascinating to see this game as a simulation of blockchain-based decentralized governance which could in the long term become real-world thing… Do you see such ecosystem evolving into the real world?

Nazar : To see how Prospectors become a real-world thing is our big dream and goal! We believe, that if the in-game society will grow and evolve enough, we ‘ll be able to pass Prospectors citizens the right to make and implement some vital decision through the council of their representatives. We are going to give Prospectors citizens rules, the direction of developing and rights to make an important decision.

Does the game eventually evolve to include features such as warfare?

Nazar : We have a big plan for Prospectors world developing: new features, new buildings, new environment, new materials. But for now, there are no warfare features in the game in any close time.

How would the governance evolve? Would the decentralized platform have a different currency than the in-game one, given the potential of a governance token to have a different value than the in-game utility token?

Nazar : We can’t give an eventual answer to this question right now as we should see how Prospectors society will grow first. It depends on the number of regular citizens and economic stability. Based on this we are going to act and decide how broad powers of citizens will be. It can be just right to vote for some important decision thing or right to choose the representatives for the State Council.

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