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Bitcoin's Final Bull Run

Trump's Final $5.1 Trillion Crypto Announcement

-By James Altucher, Altucher Confidential

“Under the leadership of President Trump,
an important government agency is about to change the rules of the crypto game… unleashing an estimated $5.1 trillion into the crypto market… and minting a new round of millionaires.”
-James Altucher

Changes expected to hit market on 30th September 26th October, 2018. According to James Altucher, it could be bitcoin’s final bull run. Could or could not be true, but the content is a good food for thought, followed by typical Altucher Sales Pitch. But again, the content is worth looking over. This is in no way endorsement of the prediction but an attempt to forward the information to understand the point to let us all crypto enthusiasts make a better informed decision. This is not an affiliate, nor any favor. Merely an attempt to share with the community what could potentially be valuable information.

Excerpts of the article filtering out all the mumbo-jumbo

  • An announcement by U.S. Govt is due on 30th September 26th October, 2018 (regarding Bitcoin ETF)
  • James claims to see $5.1 Trillion institutional money pumped into bitcoin pushing bitcoin above $100,000 and even $1M in coming months (IF THE ANNOUNCEMENT TURNS THE WAY INDUSTRY INSIDERS EXPECT)
    • Because SEC Commissioner has openly come out in support of Bitcoin ETF
    • And Forbes said it’s nearly impossible to NOT see bitcoin ETFs
  • Every time market gets new ETF new money floods in (supported by example of Gold ETF- 470% increase, Silver ETF- 242% increase and Palladium ETF- 148% increase)
    • Silicon Valley VCs Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia Capital.
    • “Well, Fortune recently reported that Andreessen Horowitz has poured $300 million into a crypto investment fund.”
    • “And Sequoia Capital has made at least eight investments in the space…Including two crypto hedge funds, three crypto exchanges and a cryptocurrency called “Guanguan Coin.” “
  • Bears are supporting bitcoin now e.g. J.P. Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon
  • Emphasis on fact that media declared bitcoin dead multiple times while it later on mooned.


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