Overture : A Prelude to the (current) Technological Disruption

Privacy, cloud, big data, decentralization, are all the matters that we deem irrelevant until we see ourselves to be an active witness.


Where we're headed

It’s no news that we’ve come to a world dominated by technology and its significance depends on single purpose: Serving the human evolution. For creators to dominate, their products must be used by people who don’t understand it. Collectively, we the people and our affairs make up the why for technology. Anything and everything that helps us exist in a quicker, smoother and more satisfying way, gets the attention.

Recent past in a nutshell

There are creators of technology and then there’s everyone else. The creators make and modify their offerings to be conveniently usable by everyone – the audience. Then everyone starts using it. Now, now that everyone’s started using the tech, there’s ample feedback to know opportunities for development. To get on with the improvements fast, the process of modification is extremely iterative. By the time technology reaches the audience, new versions are already under development, while we get the seamless experience.


Such agility is perhaps an explanation to the concerns like privacy and centralization seeming irrelevant to the actual user community at first.

We as end users make decisions from an individual point of view where it’s tough to understand dynamics at scale. However, the creators operate at the macro, since that’s where the growth and incentives are.

Convenience is the key. 


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