The major concern with current tech world is the severe centralization of the internet ecosystem. To elaborate, specific companies provide almost all the major facilities and although internet is available to all the vast and diverse public in the world, everyone goes through these bunch of companies to sustain their daily lifestyle.

The website you visited is most probably hosted by Amazon Web Services, the link to website was most probably searched (if searched) on Google, the app you use everyday is most probably downloaded from Play Store or App Store, the social media you live for everyday is most probably owned by Facebook. This high probability predictions could go on. 

As of now, according to Matt Ward who wrote a book called Gods of the Valley  the internet is centralized around the big four tech giants, Google Apple Facebook Amazon aka GAFA. Everything that happens over internet is dependent on at least one of these four services. Which is in a way pretty cool, to have companies so outgrown that dominate globally, to have such strong paced growth that catalyzed the current internet ecosystem. But it’s always pros and cons and con here is that with centralization comes collective monopoly and with that comes monopolistic oppression. “Do as they wish” since ain’t nobody stopping them. (Google says don’t be evil.) In a way it also involves single point of failure which of course is very well taken care of internally given the track record. 

Centralization of internet leads to many potential risks of privacy, manipulation of mass public. 

Net Neutrality (slight wisdom here), capitalism doing its thing.

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