Community Management : Interview with Haiying Yang

Since decentralized communities capitalize on network effect, i.e attracting more participants, the need for keeping the community needs served timely becomes crucial. Such requirement has led to the shooting demand of community management. Despite the individual freedom and autonomy of a decentralized eco-systems, entities need be assigned that can act as the responsible personnel to fulfill the community needs such as managing communication platforms, timely share of important information and the likes. In a nutshell a community manager is essential to bring the individual to the community.
Our interview with community manager Haiying Yang provides insights on this newly relevant position.

Haiying Yang

Professional Community Manager

Pujan: How many communities are you managing or have managed in past?

Haiying: As a community manager, I currently serve four projects. Prospectors, a MMORTES game, Karma, a decentralized social network, HireVibes, decentralized recruitment platform, and eosDAC, a community-owned EOS Block Producer and DAC enabler.

Pujan: How did you decide to become a community manager?

Haiying: I started learning blockchain/cryptocurrency from the beginning of 2017. My community management career started with Karma. Initially I was a Karma token investor. I found that Karma has very little Chinese information, although there were a lot of Chinese Karma investors. So I wondered if I could talk with the Karma team to do some translations for Karma, and I became the Karma Chinese Community Manager.

Pujan: What were your interests before getting into community management?

Haiying: I first had a Java programmer experience for two years, developing an online booking system for an airline ticket website. Later I went to a media agency to do digital news technology development. As a project manager in the Digital Media Technology Department, I witnessed the tremendous growth of our media in social media and mobile apps.
Now, I operate my own blockchain/cryptocurrency news website

Pujan: How is a day in life of a community manager?

Haiying: Community managers are responsible for connecting users and project teams and need to communicate with them frequently. The timezone difference problem sometimes doesn’t allow me much rest.

Pujan: How much time do you spend over telegram in a day?

Haiying:In fact, the main social tool for Chinese people is WeChat. We mainly communicate with WeChat groups. Of course, I also spend some time on the newspaper, pay attention to the telegram groups of many partners and check their latest news.

Pujan: What are your responsibilities in general as a community manager?

Haiying: As a community manager, my responsibilites mostly revolve around translation, promotion and updates.
I translate website, Dapp, Whitepaper and new blogs into local language.
For promotion, I post new blogs to bihu account (WeChat official account) and send it to Chinese community and EOS communities which would be EOS Dapp communities, exchanges, wallet app communities crypto communities. I’d also send new blogs to partners for release. These would include tokenpocket, meetone, eoslive, mathwalelt, chinance, IMEOS and the likes. With exchanges, wallet apps and media, I communicate for business development. Mostly to list or to expand the brand awareness.

For the Chinese EOS community, I provide updates and answer their questions. For the project team, I synchronize the latest news of the EOS Chinese community including BPs, exchanges, wallets and Dapp projects.

Pujan: Does this type of work provide you with flexibility in working environment and timings?

Haiying: Mainly because the teams I work for are in the early stages of development, I don’t require an office. The working hours are relatively flexible.

Pujan: Has there been any remarkable event in your experience as a community manager?

Haiying: Sure, I’ll share this intersting story with Prospectors team. Prospectors is MMORTES game built on the EOS blockchain, and many Chinese players are looking forward to it. As a Chinese community manager, I proposed to develop a Staking-Rewards system to reward our early adopters and supporters. This proposal was confirmed by the development team, and that system is currently up and running, allowing PGL tokens to be held. They mortgage their tokens to earn more PGL.


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