Chess is a game of influence. A replica of real world.

Everyone’s got their kingdom. 

Two people, two empires. Thousand people, thousand empires.

You’re the king in your kingdom.

And then there’s everybody else. Family, friends, formal friends, associates, partners, delegates…

Your power in my world, is your influence in that domain. The power you can extract from the particular entity is the kind of influence you have. 

Queen is the most powerful entity in chess, as she should.  The person with the most value to you. King and queen, right? For life and death, together, till the end of eternity. 

Then there’s important people. People who go out of their way for you, but not all the way. Different people, different influence. 

That’s tier one. List goes on.

You know how it be, You know how it goes. 

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