we are...

Kids these days. The bunch that skipped the adversity. We’re the generation traditionally referred to as too young to have made an impact. It’s all about the mindset after all, but stereotypes do match the cohort.

Attention span of a duck, crippled by technology, social media addicts, instant gratification, greedy on the money train, entitled, inexperienced, over-optimistic, delusional, and of course, selfish!

Oh well, the clock never stopped and here we are!

But, the cars were the horseless carriages ‘unsafe at any speed’, internet was just a passing fad and cryptocurrency is a scam. Negativity does sell. It all makes sense (only) in retrospect, and has mankind ever gone reverse in evolution?

Life is an Opportunity

Doing our part in human history. Unprecedented, unimagined, impossible.


Keeping up with disruption, tracking decentralization, a macro perspective


The shared reality! Come aboard, get into the same boat, same page


The good ol’ philosophy, contemplation, self loathe, introspection, retrospection, criticism and occasional horse shit