about as subtle as a train wreck


this isn't...

Yvasvn isn’t a platform to seek conclusions, the so-called answers. It’s an abstract platform to catalyze the thought process. That, if nothing else, is the intent. (that too, if the mindsets are aligned.) Perhaps the content here could not be generalized. It might not be acceptable to everyone. After all, anything that is acceptable by everyone at large is probably not a decisive stance. Political correctness is not the best tool to express clear opinions. If it is, I am yet to get my hands over that sort of voodoo.

The communication works on the foundation of common grounds. The unspoken yet mutually acknowledged information is crucial between the entities involved. One obvious context is the language. It is pre-acknowledged what each word and its combination means.

Moving further towards the gourmet (if I may) of communication, abstract thoughts, sharing beliefs, persuasive speeches everything requires a very solid common ground. Otherwise, at the very least, the purpose wouldn’t have been solved to the expected extent. Things could go haywire.

It is of utmost importance to clearly state the context, the basic foundation, to put on a clearer perspective. Hence the Prelude! 



Tune in

to an uncertain adventure